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Luxury chocolate

: Swiss chocolate - cutting-edge never tasted so good! Few would see chocolate makers as pioneers in the fields of social and environmental approaches to business. Well, they need to think again. The Maison Cailler is the epitome of an establishment that has nearly two hundred years of chocolate making behind it but which at the same time is ready to tackle the questions thrown up by an ever-evolving market. The firm's chocolate experts play a crucial role in this challenge. The job of a taster, for example, is about much more than just tasting chocolates. The Maison Cailler's 'sensory experts' also look at texture, visuals and smell. This is how they developed their ChocoTasteur test, which enables them to create a personalised chocolate box - the ideal chocolate gift! There's also plenty that's new in this fabulous choice of chocolates and chocolate box assortments. Those in search of a new taste experience might test pink peppercorn ganache, while those with more traditional preferences will simply delight in these chocolate-orange combinations.