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: Booking forms that won't let you down are an absolute must for many online retailers. It's no wonder then that the online forms builder from FormForAll has been such a hit. There's virtually no model of online form you can't create with the help of FormForAll. The multiple extras and options of this solution make it well worth a second look. First up, there's the highly impressive array of languages into which your forms can be translated - 20 in total! Everything from Catalan and Polish, Japanese and Portuguese, Czech and Chinese are on the menu. If you don't believe such a system can be up and working in minutes, just go to http://www.formforall.com/ . A massive choice of form fields means you can build the form that's right for you in no time at all. For a closer look at the options open to non-html/php-based websites, the CMS section of the site should be of interest.